Kindergarten Pot with 16 Photos

24,95  inc. VAT

Kindergarten graduation gift for a teacher, with 16 photos, names and a personal message from kids or parents.

Delivered in 3-5 days.

Package includes:

1 x Facepot (Ø16 cm)
1 x Print with this design (52x19cm)

Diameter: 16cm; Height: 13cm
Material: plastic


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Want to make an awesome Kindergarten graduation gift? 💖👩‍🏫

There is a little secret: Just get portrait photos of the whole class or group, up to 16 photos would fit here. Then you can get a Facepot flower pot and you have the perfect present for preschool or a graduation gift that will remind your teacher of his or her kids appreciation. The Facepot is made for midsized plants like Cast iron plant, Oxalis (with dark pink leaves and pink or white blooms), herbs in pots like Parsley or everything you can put into a flower pot. The best thing is, it can be made as cool as you want it to be on this page or using the iPhone Facepot App. Want to leave a chance to try it yourself? Get one!