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For the best grandma

24,95  inc. VAT

A flower pot gift for the best grandma! ūüĆł With beautiful floral frames, this pot offers space for 4 photos of grandkids and will surely give Grandma a lot of joy!

Delivered in 3-5 days.

Package includes:

1 x Facepot (√ė16 cm)
1 x Print with this design (52x19cm)

Diameter: 16cm; Height: 13cm
Material: plastic



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Wondering what’s the
best grandmother gift? ūüĎĶūüŹľūüĆĽ

Wonder no more! Try to get four photos of grandkids and your family together with grandma. When done, get yourself a Facepot flower pot and create your own a perfect gift for grandma’s 80th or the gift your granny always deserved. The flower pot works best with middle sized plants like Bluebells, Flowering Maple, herbs like Lemon balm or things you can put into a planter. To make it even more personal, everything can be as funny as you like it to be right here on the product page. Want to try it? It’s just a click away.

Best Grandma Gift Flower Pot