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The idea of MyFacepot was developed by a small team from Berlin in cooperation with the Good Agency. Facepot – a planter that allows you to print a photo on it and change the design at any time.

It gives you a new way of creating personal gifts or decoration and makes the process of taking care of a plant interactive, engaging and playful.

The possibility to work with real clients from all across Germany, Europe and the world during the design engeneering process helped us not only to develop a perfect form for the planter itself, but also figure out the working process behind it and learn all the tricks to make a face look good on a flowerpot 🙂

Making it easy for you to order, print, customise and have fun experiencing the product.

Product shots

Product groups

Facepot construction

Basic pot

Built for a plant,
designed for your photo

The basic pot has a diameter of 16 cm (Ø) and is designed to work with mid-sized plants and small bouquets.


Whether it’s a photo, a drawing or one of our templates – we’ve build tools that help you to design and print whatever you love onto a Facepot : )

Protective pot

Gives your Facepot
a finished look

Working with plants can be messy sometimes.

The protective pot keeps your Faceprint safe from any influences like dirt or water and gives it a finished look.

Brand assets

Decorative Facepots